Vanessa Spinetti shares the roots of her nickname “Swizzy Spaghetti” and her love of mixing, songwriting and singing

It’s music festival season and we’re dedicating the month of April to recording arts and live sound! Most of the spotlights featured will be alumni from The Los Angeles Recording School, a division of The Los Angeles Film School, which isn’t (technically speaking) part of the 20th anniversary year. The L.A. Recording School was founded in 1985 and officially became part of The L.A. Film School in 2004. For the sake of highlighting our Music and Audio Production programs, we didn’t want to exclude any of our alumni from The L.A. Recording School in our spotlight series. We think you’d agree. So, let’s get right into our next alumni spotlight!

Vanessa Spinetti aka Venus Leone—also, aka Swizzy Spaghetti, is a multi-talented artist who has worked in pre- and post-post production sound. She’s a composer, a sound mixer, an engineer and a choreographer. Check out her full video interview below.

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Since Vanessa graduated, the Recording Arts Program at The Los Angeles Recording School has changed to Music Production and Audio Production. Click here to learn more about those programs.