Recording Grad Jared Miclette’s Video On Pensado’s Place

The LA Recording School

Los Angeles Recording School alum Jared Miclette recently won Dave Pensado’s Indaba “Blades” Mix Competition and was featured on Pensado’s Place, a web series hosted and produced by Dave Pensado that “…talks all things audio and gives you insights into his career, and teaches you how to improve your own recordings to get that “platinum record” sound.”

Jared originally heard about the competition on this website called They have contests for cash prizes with all different aspects of music, writing, production, mixing, re-mixing. You also can start song sessions and collaborate with people all over the globe. It’s a great site to network with people, as you can listen to their work and invite them into your recording session to work on a song together if you like. Plus it’s free!

Jared had been working on music, recording/mixing for several years but it was a lot of frustrating trial and error without someone there to show you. Going to The LA recording school was “one of the best things I could of done,” Jared explains. All of his routing, EQ, compression techniques, automation, and FX sends, are all skills he has learned in school. And of course Pro Tools!
Jared is currently mixing projects from contacts he made while in school and working on some songs for people off of the indaba website. He also records local artists and has been producing songs with one artist in particular and will hopefully be releasing some new songs this summer.