“It has always been a passion of mine to enter the industry.”

As a fresh-faced student at the Los Angeles Film School, Thomas Crowder had no prior background in the audio industry, only a passion for music and a drive to learn as much possible. Fast-forward two years later, and he has established himself with a successful skillset, great deal of experience, and an action plan to continue making his industry dreams a reality.

“Prior to coming to the school, music was always an escape for me. I’ve always wanted to express myself. I had used ProTools, and now also use Nuendo and FL Studio.”

While in school, Thomas was introduced to other passionate creative and became instrumental in the emergence of TDMG, an audio collective based out of a recording studio in Carson, CA that engineers, mixes, and produces for local and independent artists. As one of  TDMG’s producer/engineers, Thomas has recorded and mixed for R&B superstar artist Jeremih, as well as X-Factor Season 1 winner Melanie Amaro.

While Thomas purports that TDMG’s recording services always remain its bread and butter, the collective recently has begun to expand its horizons to artist development. After producing beats for up and coming R&B artist Ben Franco, Thomas and his collective were so impressed with Franco’s unique sound that they have brought him into the fold as an artist that they hope they can help get distributed by a major label. Franco’s rising star resulted in his recent interview with LA hip-hop station Power 106, with TDMG looking to capitalize on the publicity by starting an all-out social media and promotion blitz for their artist.

Thomas reflects on the steps he had to take to get serious about entering the music industry.

“I was working and making a lot of money, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I decided to go to school to pursue happiness. I decided, why not. I would be more comfortable with failing at what I love to do. I was working at an oil refinery prior to coming the The Los Angeles Film School.”

Since graduating, Thomas has learned many skills that allow him to ascend the music industry scene.

“I’ve learned to surround myself with good people. My production team has exposed me to a lot of things, and my growth has been more rapid as opposed to doing everything myself.”

His reach now includes many industry players who have had a profound effect on how Thomas works.

“I work with a lot of industry writers and artists behind the scenes. I’ve been doing pretty well since graduating.”

Today, Thomas has big things in the works.

“We are working with Ben Franco, an independent artist, and with DJ Charisma from Power 106. He is in the midst of signing a publishing deal now, and has helped me develop my skills. We have created a new sound that I’m very excited about. We released a new single “High Tolerance,” a few weeks ago that has been getting airplay.”

Reaching out to current students, Thomas provided his thoughts on how to make it in the industry.

“Keep building. Opportunities will come. Don’t expect a handout. You really get out what you put into it.”

Congratulations, Thomas! We are so proud of you!

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