Tim Vermeer

On Thursday night, a special screening of Tim’s Vermeer took place, followed by a Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith and Tim Jenison, the inventor and subject of the documentary. The film has made the rounds through various film festivals, and has garnered critical acclaim.

Following the screening, Jeff Goldsmith hosted a Q&A with Tim, and he provided his thoughts on developing a new invention meant to mimic a theoretical process used by Vermeer when he painted his masterpieces.

“I had to make a bad lens (for the experiment)” Said Tim Jensison, on what recreating a several hundred-year-old technological process.

“Modern paints are totally different from Vermeer’s paints, they are much more intense,” Tim added, responding to a question about how he was able to create paint hues that were correct for the recreation of Vermeer’s Music Lesson.

Almost everything in San Antonio I shot myself.”  Talking about the production process for Tim’s Vermeer, Tim Jenison had a great deal of creative control over the content in the film.

When asked what Tim Jenison calls his invention, he responded, “I call it the Comparator Mirror.”