Student life at The L.A. Film School

LA Film Student Clubs
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Clubs for Online and Campus Students to Join Today!

Having a life outside the classroom is just as important as earning your degree in school. Extracurricular activities help students connect with their peers and socialize in a non-academic setting and are a great way to build your film school network. We want to give students a well-rounded experience in and outside the classroom, which is why we have over 10 student clubs to join! If you are new to The L.A. Film School or interested in learning more about student life here, we’ve rounded up the clubs available for online and campus students.

The L.A. Film School Student Clubs

Our mission is to encourage community collaboration, camaraderie, and connection beyond specific classes and programs, for both on campus and online students. The L.A. Film School clubs are driven by students and guided by staff, and are open for membership to students from all degree programs.​​​​​​​ Head to Student Connect to find out how to join a club or even start your own.

Christian film club
Christian Media Club—A group for Christians and people of faith to meet, network, collaborate, support, and encourage each other.
Critical Thinkers Society
Critical Thinkers Society (CTS)—The CTS offers interactive and fun ways for students to exchange ideas and test a variety of skills with other students. CTS is more than a monthly event, it is a campus community!

Film Club at L.A. Film School
Film Club—Calling all film buffs! Join a group of film lovers to watch and talk all things film; it’s like a book club, but for film.  

Fitness and wellness club
Fitness and Wellness Club—The Fitness and Wellness club helps students stay healthy by sharing recipes, workouts, wellness tips, and inspiring thoughts and quotes. We aim to help inspire each other to get up, go further, and do something good for ourselves.

Honors Society L.A. Film School
Honors Society of Entertainment Arts—Founded by graduates, this honor society aims to create a community of high achieving students who seek to inspire each other through peer support, leadership, and excellence in academics.
Music and techniques
Music Technology and Techniques—Supporting music- and audio-focused students with technological needs while sharing industry techniques to push each other forward.
Photography club at L.A. Film
Photography and Photoshop Club—A club for students to discuss photography trends and learn new Photoshop skills.
Q+ Community
Q+ Community—The mission of Q+mmunity is to foster acceptance throughout campus and online forums at The L.A. Film School to provide a safe, non-judgmental space as a support network for Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Straight students to give them the opportunity to build friendships, and learn from each other. 
screenwriting club
Screenwriting Club—a creative writing club for sharing tips and tricks on becoming an effective storyteller.
Social Media Club
Social Media Club—The Social Media Club provides students a space to explore ideas and connect with others about using social media platforms. 
Sweded Film Club
Sweded Film Club—The goal of this club is to facilitate the creative process of producing a sweded film and help students develop a do-it-yourself approach to filmmaking.
Veteran Convos
Veteran Convos Club—This club provides an open forum to military/veteran students where mental health and well-being strategies are discussed under the guidance of a local specialist. Veteran students are invited to a monthly informal conversation that will help them identify their strengths and learn skills to adapt to civilian life.
Women in Tech
Women in Technology—To provide all students with a thriving and sustainably active online environment that aims to close the gender gap and continue to inspire women to join the fast-growing world of technology.