Students and Alumni Intern for The Academy

Academy Gold

Students and Alumni from The L.A. Film School Selected for The Academy Gold Rising Internship

We are proud to announce that 14 students and graduates have been selected to participate in the 2021 Academy Gold Rising program (formerly known as the Academy Gold). This is the largest class yet from The L.A. Film School, and the fifth year in a row LAFS has participated in the Academy Gold Rising program. The summer program will be virtual for the second year in a row, enabling interns to participate from anywhere in the world, according to the Gold Rising Program. On behalf of the school, we wish our students and graduates the very best as they embark on another step toward a future in the entertainment industry.

Class of 2021 Academy Gold

  • Ashlynn Fern (Sound)
  • Israel Hernandez (Sound)
  • Brian Saver (Sound)
  • Albert Ortega (Sound)
  • Samuel Selman (film)
  • Janelle Bealer (Editing)
  • Adrianna Carrasco (Editing)
  • Alexis Taylor Brown (Editing)
  • Anthony White (Editing)
  • Alyssa Garcia (Production Design)
  • Carmina Veras (Production Design)
  • Hayden Ko (Cinematography)
  • Marcus Farrell (Cinematography)
  • Alyssa Ward-Vela (Cinematography)

What is the Academy Gold Internship Program?

The Academy Gold Program was created in 2017 to provide “multi-tiered educational and experiential” internships for some of the top film students in the world. Fourteen types of internships are offered as part of the experience, with options for marketing, film, TV, audio production, and casting (to name a few). The competition is fierce, and thousands apply, with just around 100 graduate and undergraduate students placed in final internships.

During one of the greatest summers of their lives, interns have “access to Academy members, industry professionals, screenings, and educational workshops” as well as a chance to get real work experience within 26 different companies who partner with Academy Gold.

The Academy Gold Program is determined to provide educational opportunities for all types of students. “We know there are a lot of diversity and inclusion programs out there,” says Bettina Fisher, the academy’s director of educational initiatives, “but we wanted to have a program that was going to move the needle.”