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Filmmaker Mag Published its Annual Guide to Noteworthy Film Schools

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We’re honored to be included in the list

There are many reasons why students attend film school. According to Filmmaker Magazine, the main reason people attend film school is to learn a skill. Hands-on training is a vital component to a person’s success in the industry. Knowing how to pull focus for a shot, set up a camera dolly and light a scene are all essential skill sets that our film students learn here at The Los Angeles Film School. Other benefits like learning film theory, collaborating with classmates on future projects and finding your artistic voice, all round out the educational experience for our students. Ultimately, you walk away from film school with the discipline and practical understanding of filmmaking.

Today, we are honored to make Filmmaker Magazine’s 2019 Film School Guide. The list is broken down by ten bullet points including notable faculty and graduates, facts about the school and admissions deadlines. See the full listing here.

Listed in the 2019 Film School Guide

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