Videographer Opportunity

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Talented former LAFS graduate, Diego Garcia, is looking to hire a team of videographers to shoot Kids Artistic Revue’s national dance competition. Selected applicants will travel across the country throughout the competition season from January through June/July. As such, KAR is looking to bring aboard individuals with a strong work ethic who can commit to the company throughout the duration of the competition season.

This is an amazing opportunity to do long-term videography work for a continually touring company. All equipment and training will be provided by the company. Videographers will work with Sony HD DVCams that will be familiar to all LAFS Film graduates – (please note that the company simply is looking for focus and pull camera operation and not cinematographers). Production weeks typically involve between 60-80 hours, depending on how many shoot days and competitions are held in a given week. Videographers will be paid $15/hr and have all room, board, food, and travel expenses covered by the company. Again, please keep in mind that this is at least a six-month commitment with only two vacation weeks around the Easter holiday.

If you are interested and wish to apply, please take a look at the relevant information below:
• Please apply DIRECTLY ONLINE here. DO NOT send resumes to Diego Garcia or anyone at Los Angeles Film School. Follow the EXACT instructions on the given website only.
• You will not be required to provide reels or resumes during the online application process. However, the application process is very extensive so be prepared to spend a lot of time completing it online.
• When submitting your application, please reference Diego Garcia and mention that you are an LAFS graduate.
• The last day to submit applications is November 30, 2017. Please complete online applications by this day.
• Selected candidates will be screened through phone and group interviews before finalists are selected for individual meetings. Graduates will be asked to provide resumes ONLY at this point in the interview process.

Keep in mind that the two most important things that Diego is going to be looking for are your ability to work in the company’s team environment and whether you can commit to the lengthy duration of the competition season. Good luck to everyone on their applications!