Plan ahead to make your move to Hollywood as smooth as possible! Read through this suggested timeline and checklist to help you begin the process. Remember, if you are an enrolled student and have questions, you can always reach out to our Housing Coordinators.

3 Months

Before You Start School

Establish a date for your move to Hollywood, California.

Determine your individual monthly cost of living (e.g. rent, food, transportation).

Contact your Financial Aid Counselor for details regarding how Financial Aid may contribute to living expenses.

If you are looking for a roommate, contact a Housing Coordinator to get your name on the Roommate List and to receive the weekly email of other students looking for roommates.

3 Months

Before You Start School

Make a few selections from the Apartment Guide provided by us, or from your own search, and contact apartment managers to determine availability.

Make a roommate selection from the list given (if needed).

1 Month

Before You Start School

Contact your selected apartment/s to obtain a rental application and other important information for your move.

• Find out the exact amount you should expect to pay before moving in (deposits, first month’s rent, etc).

• Submit application and application fees directly to the apartment complex. Fees are per person and non-refundable, paid at the time you apply for your apartment. Each person occupying the apartment should apply and pay separately. All applicants must qualify and meet the specific standards of the apartment complex. A co-signer or guarantor may be required by the apartment complex and will also need to apply separately. This requirement varies by apartment complex and is based on rental and credit history.

• Note the type of lease you will be signing, either yearly or month-to-month.

• If you will have pets living with you, ask your apartment management about any additional fees you might be charged per month.

• If you will be using public transportation, find out what bus/train services are available in the area near the apartment complex.

If your roommate selection was from the list provided by us, contact a Housing Coordinator so your name may be removed from the “still searching” Roommate List.

Contact the utility companies to arrange for electric, telephone, gas, water and cable services (as needed) to be installed.