Housing coordinator info

The Los Angeles Film School has full-time, dedicated staff available to facilitate local and long-distance transitions for our enrolled and active students. Our housing coordinators can assist students in finding accommodations that fit a wide range of budgetary and lifestyle preferences, in addition to aiding in student roommate selection. We suggest that each student contact the housing coordinator to make arrangements as early as possible prior to the start of school. An Estimated Living Expenses for Financial Aid Students breakdown is located in the Tuition, Fees & Related Costs section of the Catalog.

Given the size of the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, we highly encourage all students to contact housing directly for assistance in securing accommodations within an area that offers one of the following:

  • A reasonable vehicle commute for the student
  • Close proximity to mass transit lines that connect with the Hollywood area
  • A unit within walking or biking distance from campus (one mile or less)
  • Students wishing to arrange a roommate agreement with another Los Angeles Film School student should contact the Housing Coordinator for the continuously updated roommate list. Please call 323.860.0789 to be connected or email housing@lafilm.com.

    Apartment Guide

    Download our housing guide for an additional list of housing options – Housing Guide

    Housing Checklist

    Click here for a suggested moving timeline and checklist.