Starting school and finding a place to live can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Below you will find answers to some of our most common questions. Remember, if you are an enrolled student, we are also available by email.

Q: Does my financial aid cover my housing costs?

A: Any funds received through Federal Student Aid will most likely contribute to the tuition cost of school. Leftover funds may be used to cover housing costs. Otherwise, your housing costs will need to be provided through private loans or personal funds.

Q: When should I start looking for an apartment?

A: Every case is different, but generally it is best to look for an available apartment one month ahead of time. Apartments are always in demand in a city as large as L.A. When a unit becomes available, the apartment management will want to fill the spot as soon as possible, so looking too early might not work every time. See our Housing Timeline & Checklist for more suggestions!

Q: What is required to apply for an apartment?

A: Generally, an apartment complex will require:

• PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT (if applicable)
• LIST OF PREVIOUS RENTALS (if applicable)

If you have no prior credit or bad credit, a guarantor (co-signer) will be needed. Deposits for apartments will vary depending on credit, but usually a deposit is close to the monthly cost of rent.

Q: Are the listings provided in the LAFS Apartment Guide the only options available?

A: No. Additional online resources can be found on the last page of the Apartment Guide. More online listings can be provided upon request of the Housing Department.

Q: Do apartments come furnished?

A: The vast majority of available apartments will not be furnished. If furniture is provided, there is usually a higher cost added onto the monthly rent. Resources to rent out furniture can be provided by our Housing Department.