It seems like a pretty simple idea, but we at The Los Angeles Film School believe that movies are meant to be watched in a movie theatre. Checking out a DVD in the comfort of your living room is great, but when you’ve just spent a year learning the art of filmmaking, you deserve to see the movie that you’ve created brought to life on the big screen, with amazing sound, and in front of an audience. Experience your films in The Los Angeles Film School’s Theatre. It’s a complete theatre-going experience, designed to showcase the best our students have to offer.
Screening facility for 4K, High Definition and most other video formats
330-seat stadium-style theatre
24P 4K Sony R320 High Definition Projection System with an integrated DCP server complete with Dolby Digital SR-D plus Dolby EX surround sound capabilities


There’s even a legit theatre stage & concert venue on campus. The historic Ivar Theatre was the location of Elvis Presley’s film Loving You and Tom Waits recorded his 1970’s Double Live Album “Nighthawks at the Diner” on stage at the Ivar. The Grateful Dead also recorded a live album at the Ivar on February 25, 1966. We’ve recently restored it to a live venue after using it for several years as a film production stage.


In the far corner of our Brain Lobby there’s a doorway to the career path of your dreams. It’s the starting point of a facility tour that will capture your imagination. A 32 seat HD screening room that showcases the work of our students and alumni. It’s an image and sound experience that will open your eyes wide and shake your seat.

Sony 24p HD Video Projection
JBL/Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound audio system
Stewart FilmScreen adjustable aspect ratio high contrast video screen