06 Sep 2013

Grads Daniel Geyer and Sam Kellman’s PSA on NBC

Two of our film grads Daniel Geyer and Sam Kellman, shot a PSA that recently aired on NBC during The Voice. They performed all the jobs including the story, the design, modeling, shading, lighting, animation, camera, and rendering. They taught themselves everything to make this possible. Congrats guys! Watch It

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22 Aug 2013

Recording Alum Jaziel Sommers Working at Will Smith’s Recording Studio

Los Angeles Film School Recording Arts alum Jaziel Sommers has been seeing a lot of success as of late, and he’s only been a graduate of the program for five months. The first month out of the program he landed an internship at Will Smith’s recording studio The Boom Boom

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19 Aug 2013

Film Alums & Students Working on “Hollywood Hitmen”

Los Angeles Film School grads Chris Boulos, Peter Mares, and student Matthew Purkis are working on a new web series titled Hollywood Hitmen a comedy starring Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman, Max Osinski,Jessy Schram, Oded Fehr, and Cerina Vincent. The series is produced by Alex Ongaro and is about two hit-men

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15 Aug 2013

Alum Jacob Stuart’s Screenwriting Staffing Agency

Los Angeles Film School alumni Jacob Stuart launched the first ever Screenwriting Staffing Agency back in February and is offering a 50% discount to current screenwriting students. Screenwriting Staffing helps employ over 300 screenwriters to sell their script, from student writers to WGA level writers. They offer many different services,

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31 Jul 2013

Grads Working On Film Starring Al Pacino

Some of our film grads have been working in the art department on Imagine, a feature film starring Al Pacino and Jennifer Garner. They’ve been shooting at the Ivar theater the past few days. Congratulations to: Candace Andrews Jonathan Durham Basil Alquaddomi Camrin Sanchez Keep up the great work! A

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19 Jul 2013

Film Grad Nikita Zubarev’s Directorial Debut

Evolution International Film Festival (EIFF) has announced the selection of films screening at its annual International Film Festival, taking place next weekend, July 26 and July 27, 2013, here at The Los Angeles Film School. This year over 300 movies out of 26 countries, in 22 different languages were submitted

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18 Jul 2013

Film Alum Jonathan Drake’s “Gamer Age” Documentary Feature

Film Alum Jonathan Drake has been working on his feature film documentary Game Age for the past four years, and is now in the running to have it screened at the ArcLight Hollywood this coming October. Gamer Age documents the gaming culture with footage from the opening of The Art

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10 Jul 2013

Student Spotlight: Roberto Espinosa

Los Angeles Recording School student Roberto Espinosa had the opportunity to work with legendary techno label Underground Resistance. The label is based in Detroit and has had a huge influence on electronic music since the late 80’s. One of their founders, Mike Banks, used to be a session musician for

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08 Jul 2013

LARS Grad David Stanley With ROFL Audio/White Collar Zoo

White Collar Zoo is Web TV; broadcasting live music and video content in HD from across the world, providing a platform to showcase music, film, documentaries, comedy, art, fashion and animation from the best up and coming artists and producers. White Collar Zoo was founded in 2011 to enable creatives

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03 Jul 2013


Computer Animation grad Neiko Nagy currently works at Shade VFX, the visual effects company with partners such as DreamWorks, Sony, Fox, Disney, and Universal, as a compositor and 2D artist. Neiko starting working there right before graduation, and within a few weeks was promoted to a 2D artist after his

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