andres borda zabala

Audio Engineer

In the eight years since Andrés graduated from The Los Angeles Recording School, a division of The L.A. Film School, he’s won five GRAMMYS® for his work with Natalia Lafourcade and Carlos Vives. As an audio engineer and mixer, Andrés has contributed to more than 60 international music albums and feature films. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in music, and currently works as a studio manager and chief audio engineer for Carlos Vives at Gaira Musica Local Estudios in Bogotá, Colombia.

How Andrés Got His Start

A native to Colombia, Andrés knew from an early age that he wanted to enhance the natural sound of instruments and vocals. He found inventive ways to make his early recordings sound better, constantly tweaking and tuning his audio instruments. With his heart set on working in the music industry, Andrés enrolled in The Los Angeles Recording School to channel his creative talents into workable skill sets. Andrés originally started composing scores for film, but eventually shifted into audio engineering shortly after graduation. He has been focused on audio ever since then.

Notable Projects

Natalia Lafourcade’s Hasta La Raiz
Carlos Vives’s Vives

Filmography (Sound Department)
Easy Life (2014)
Astra Force (2016)
Tales of an Immoral Couple (2016)

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