Game Producer Christopher Federici

Christopher Federici - Riot GamesAfter a campus-hosted Game Fair at The LA Film School, Christopher Federici was approached by Jet Morgan Games, Inc. He was hired immediately as a producer and helped to hire several along other LAFS graduates. Today, Federici is an associate development manager at Riot Games, the creators of “League of Legends.”

Christopher Federici – Game Production Alum

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to work for a gaming company? How about a world-famous gaming company? Christopher Federici is a game production alumnus of The LA Film School, and he’s been leading a successful career in game production since the moment he graduated in 2012 – in fact, Federici landed his first position as a game programmer before even leaving school. At our film school Game Fair in 2012, Federici was noticed by a producer from Jet Morgan Games, and after seeing what Federici could do, the producer hired him on the spot. Since then, Federici’s career in the gaming industry has taken off.

When Federici began working with Jet Morgan Games, he was hired on as a game programmer, and he quickly became an invaluable resource to his own company as well as his fellow alumni of the film school. As the web and iOS gaming company took off, Federici was asked to find, interview and hire new game programmers, and he looked with his alma mater for talented programmers like himself. Within three months, Federici moved on to become a game producer for the company, which involved managing the development of web and mobile games and interactive media for clients like Disney, Activision, and Mattel.

Moving up in Game Development

After spending almost two years working with Jet Morgan Games, Federici was picked up by a gaming company you might have heard of – Riot Games, the developers and producers of League of Legends. The international gaming company has brought Federici success as a game developer, beginning as a technical coordinator with the company in 2013, and quickly moving on to become an associate development manager.

Never played League of Legends? Take a look at Riot Games’ informational video about how the game is played:

What does it take to become a development manager at a company like Riot Games? To get an idea of the skills Federici has fostered along his career path, take a look at the company’s career page, and explore the qualities they’re looking for in their employees: “hardcore gamers,” “educated and experienced” professionals, and “agile pros” are welcome! We can only imagine the caliber of work Federici has achieved to earn himself a position among developers of League of Legends, one of the most well-known and player-acclaimed games.
To learn more about Christopher Fecerici and how he got his start as a game developer, check out our online feature article, and connect with Federici on LinkedIn or twitter.