Photo via Jet Morgan Games

Christopher Federici is a producer at Jet Morgan Games, Inc., a company that specializes in creating web games and mobile applications for kids, toy companies, cartoon shows and more. As a producer, his day to day activities include managing developers, leading meetings with clients and colleagues, and ensuring that each project is delivered on time and to clients’ expectations. Some of his biggest clients include Mattel’s Barbie and Activision’s Skylanders. With their core focus being the youth market, providing an educational experience within the game is an important aspect of the work Christopher is responsible for. Designing content and developing the core concept of a game is first priority, and then once that’s approved, developers go to work coding and building out the game, mainly in Flash. Having graduated the Game Production program here at The Los Angeles Film School, Christopher has the experience and tool sets required for such a job that include knowing the software and how to program.
How the job opportunity came about was a “…perfect storm for success”, as Christopher recalls it. Program director Kevin Bannerman invited a producer from Jet Morgan Games to attend the Game Fair in which final projects were being presented. Christopher was the only one in his class who decided to use Flash to design and program his game. It just so happened that Jet Morgan Games was looking for a producer and developer who specialized in Flash, so after the Game Fair, Christopher was approached about the potential job opportunity. As is the best practice for all graduating students, a portfolio showcasing previous projects was shown, and Christopher was hired right away. Once Christopher settled into his position, he was asked to hire more producers to help with the work load that Jet Morgan Games was receiving, so he recommended, interviewed and hired three LAFS alumni John Doherty, John Blakely and Nick Lesec, who also happened to be his close friends. All three of them now work as producers with each one managing five to six projects at a time. Currently they are working on multiple Skylanders web games and have 16 full time employees working under them, with additional freelance contractors as well.
Before attending the Game Production program, Christopher graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Hydroponic Plant Systems. Although he has an interest in botany, Christopher realized he should also study a field that was growing and had more jobs, so started studying Photoshop and Flash. However, after spending a majority of his free time trying to learn level design, Christopher decided to make the move to LA and check out The Los Angeles Film School. One tour and a conversation with an admissions rep later, Christopher was enrolled and excited for “…all the potential to learn.” Christopher believes you get way more than what you pay for, as you have the opportunity to work one on one with programming teachers like Mike Dawson, and other experienced industry professionals. Asking questions and building relationships with his peers and instructors were definitely two key components to Christopher’s success, as now he gets to spend his time working on game concepts and level design full-time, in addition to working with three of his best friends.
Congratulations on all your success, Christopher!