Last we spoke with Los Angeles Recording School grad Myiesha Lincoln, she was working as Jaycen Joshua and Dave Pensado’s day-to-day person, however now she has been focusing on her own musical career. “Miss Behav’n” is her latest album that she wrote, sang, engineered and mixed, and is now available on iTunes for download.

“The Art of Seduction” is a track on her album that originally was written about three years ago for an artist who was a former member of Destiny’s Child. Myiesha wrote it with her in mind, as well as with a vision for the music video. It was right around that time that she ended up changing labels, musical direction, management and so forth, so Myiesha was left “sitting” on the record in hopes of giving it to another artist it might suit, until she decided “It’s my song, I love it, I should just do it myself!” Myiesha then went back in and re-recorded the demo version at the studio and within the next few weeks will be shooting the video that was part of her original vision.