Kevin Otte

Kevin Otte

Film, Class of 2011

Kevin Otte

Film School graduate Kevin Otte grew up in Missouri camping by lakes, hiking in the woods and watching horror movies. Kevin’s interest in the paranormal has influenced his work in the film industry. He later co-founded Ghost Watch Paranormal and is the Director of Production at Stargazer Films.

“Growing up, there were so many movies that caused me to have a very adventurous childhood. It was one of those things where my friends and I would watch ‘The Goonies’ then go in the woods looking for caves or trying to find treasure maps.”

Since beginning his film career as an honors graduate Kevin Otte has worked in production management and coordination, directing and assistant directing, set construction, camera operation and editing. Kevin has accumulated more than 140 credits for his work on feature films, online reality TV series and online mini-series. Kevin’s latest project is a docuseries called Haunted Discoveries, which combines his love of paranormal investigation with filmmaking.

To learn more about Kevin’s film career, visit IMDB.

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