Kyle Newacheck

Film, Class of 2004

Kyle Newacheck

While attending The Los Angeles Film School, Kyle fell into a groove of constant creation. Kyle became a veritable sponge for learning about the production pipeline and involved himself in his friend’s short film thesis projects in a variety of roles. After graduating, Kyle returned to campus as an editing instructor for the Film Department, sharing his post-production experience with next-generation filmmakers. Even at a young age, Kyle was already adamant about giving back, a trait he carries with himself to this day.

“ABCs, Always Be Creating. It starts as a love for the craft, so it should never go away from that. It’s still at the core—filmmaking, and you should always be doing it.”

Kyle Newacheck’s impressive credits list speaks for itself. With more than 90 combined directing, writing and producing credits spanning the past decade and a half, Kyle has made a name for himself in the comedy world. Whether you’ve seen his work on popular TV shows like Workaholics, Parks and Recreation or Community, you’ll find yourself doing one thing while watching—laughing. Armed with a can-do attitude and collaborative approach to the craft, Kyle’s star continues to rise as he works on ambitious (and hilarious) projects. More recently, Kyle directed Netflix’s Murder Mystery starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, which broke records with 31 million streams its opening weekend in June 2019.

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