Samantha Wilkins

Computer Animation, Class of 2012

Samantha (Pedregon) Wilkins has worked in the VFX industry for almost a decade. After graduating from the Animation Program at The L.A. Film School, Samantha bounced around smaller studios and worked as an intern in Los Angeles. Samantha’s breakthrough happened when she accepted a runner position at The Mill. As a runner, Samantha interacted with many departments and eventually joined the CGI team to help with Super Bowl ads.

“If you stay in a bubble, you forget how to look outside of it. Through social media, I see what others are shouting about. Everyone is willing to share knowledge either in person or via YouTube demos for new software. I can then dive deeper into things, and before I know it, I’m the one championing something and being an advocate.”

Samantha’s modeling and texturing work includes a broad range of impressive credits from commercials to video game cinematics. Her artistic talents have been used in many projects including Apex Legends season-opening trailers, the Tide Super Bowl ad campaigns Super Bowl Now, Laundry Later, and League of Legends ad campaigns. Samantha’s past work experience includes Modeling/Texture Artist and Asset Lead at The Mill, a media and digital brand activation agency. She is currently an Art Outsource Supervisor at Riot Games in Los Angeles.

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Meet Samantha Wilkins, Art Outsource Supervisor at Riot Games

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Samantha Wilkins currently works at Riot Games in Los Angeles. Her responsibilities and talent transitioned seamlessly from VFX to video games as she joined Riot Games as an Art Outsource Supervisor for VALORANT, the now top trending FPS tactical hero shooter game. In 2023, The L.A. Film School nominated Samantha for the Spotlight Academy where she will be inducted on June 29, 2023, in a live ceremony at Ivar Theatre.
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