20th Anniversary Alumni Spotlight: Kylie Hazzard


LAFS alumna, Kylie Hazzard

This recent film school graduate landed a gig at Zeiss and still freelances here and there.

At 22, Kylie has carved out her space in the film industry. Her love of cameras radiates through her photography and film reel. We featured Kylie Hazzard a while back and asked her to share some advice to current students enrolled in our film program. If you haven’t read her interview, we recommend you go do that now.

Kylie’s successes come from her curiosity, tireless work ethic and devotion to honing her craft. Her work is featured in National Geographic, The 405 and The American Society of Cinematographers. Check out the full interview with film alumna, Kylie Hazzard, on YouTube.

“If I am unique it’s because I am myself, not because I am a woman.” — Kylie Hazzard

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