Visit Where Movie Magic Took Place

Looking to visit the sets of your favorite movies? Check out this list of 5 movies with set locations you can travel to!

    LA LA Land

    la la land

    La La Land – Warner Brothers

The Griffith Observatory is where Sebastian and Mia dance the night away at the Leonard Nimoy planetarium. Although the observatory’s interior was recreated in-studio for the film, you’ll find it’s just what the film promises.

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During the montage of Sebastian and Mia’s romance, you get a view of Angels Flight, a small funicular railway that’s been an L.A. landmark since 1901. The railway was closed in 2013, but is planned to reopen by Labor Day 2017

Another landmark, La La Land features Grand Central Market, the location of one of Sebastian and Mia’s first dates during the film.

Built over a period of 33 years beginning in 1921, the Watts Towers featured in the film were constructed by an Italian immigrant Simon Rodia, and have been deemed a national historic landmark and California historical landmark. The towers can be found at 1765 E 107th St, L.A.

Lipton’s, actually called The Smoke House, is a famously popular restaurant located right outside of the Warner Bros. studios at 4420 Lakeside Dr., Burbank.

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    Pretty Woman

    pretty woman

    Pretty Woman – Touchstone Pictures

  • Vivian Ward’s (Julia Roberts’) apartment

Pictured in both the beginning and end of the film, Vivian’s apartment has become a well-known piece of film history. Las Palmas Hotel, located at 1738 Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood, is where you can see Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) “rescuing” Vivian in his limousine.

  • The famous Regent Beverly Wilshire, where Edward and Vivian stay in the penthouse suite

The classically famous hotel has been forever branded as the hotel of Pretty Woman, making it a tourist attraction for lovers of the film. Located at 9500 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, the hotel’s exterior and lobby as just what you’d imagine, but the hotel’s penthouse suite from the movie was actually a set built in-studio for the film.

  • Rodeo Drive

Always a popular attraction Rodeo Drive is a fashion highlight in Beverly Hills. If you’re looking for the shops where Vivian drops hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars, make sure you stop by Boulmiche, the boutique where Vivian famously gets back at the judgmental sales women by pointing out their “big mistake.”

  • The restaurant where Edward negotiates a deal, and Vivian practices her imperfect dining etiquette

The restaurant where Vivian tries (and flings) snails for the first time and gets a taste of Edward’s business savvy is now a restaurant called Cicada, located in the Oviatt Penthouse, 617 S Olive St, L.A.

  • The Opera House

When Edward whisks Vivian away for a night at the opera, they’re flying into San Francisco, but the location of the film’s “opera house” was actually the East entrance of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, located at 900 Exposition Blvd, L.A.

  1. Back to the Future
back to the future

Back To The Future – Universal Pictures

Doc Brown’s Mansion, which is publicly accessible with tours available, is called the Gamble House, located at 4 Westmoreland Place, Pasadena.

Though attached to Doc’s mansion in 1955 in the film, by 1985, the garage is located by a Burger King, where it stands today.

Twin Pines Mall is where Marty is meant to be meeting Doc to see his DeLorean time machine. The mall is located at 1600 S Azusa Ave, City of Industry.

Famous for scenes of Marty’s hometown that change significantly over the course of his time travels, Courthouse Square is located at the Universal Studios Backlot, where you can tour the area that’s full of town sets from countless movies.

  • The McFly Homes (1955, 1985, and 2015)

Marty McFly has several homes throughout Back to the Future, all of which are spread out throughout California. In Pasadena, you’ll find the 1955 McFly home, located at 1711 Bushnell Ave, South Pasadena. You can also find the 1985 residence at 9303 Roslyndale Ave. Pacoima, and the 2015 McFly home at 3792 Oakhurst St, El Monte.

  1. The Fast & The Furious
the fast and the furious

The Fast and the Furious – Universal Pictures

The home of Vin Diesel’s character is located at 722 East Kensington Rd. in Echo Park, L.A. At the site, you can get a view of the house, but you’ll notice the garage that’s attached to the home in the movie is nowhere to be seen, as it was built specifically for the films.

Close to the Toretto home in Echo Park, “Toretto’s,” the market and diner owned by Dominic and Mia Toretto, is actually Bob’s Market, located at 580 E Kensington Rd, L.A. The market was named a historical-cultural monument in 1979.

This garage was memorable in the film because of its tell-tale racecar standing out on its roof, but today, the signage and rooftop car are gone, leaving behind a typical warehouse at 1046 N. Orange Drive, L.A.

Dom’s auto shop in the film is actually an often-used filming location, Huron SubStation, located at 2640 Huron St, L.A. Today, it’s a historical monument that’s used for weddings and other special events.

  • Cha Cha Cha – The restaurant where Mia Toretto and Brian O’Conner go out on their first date

The film’s Cha Cha Cha was an actual Jamaican restaurant with the same name, located at 656 N Virgil Ave, L.A. The restaurant is now closed permanently, but you can still view it from the outside.

  1. Memento
  2. memento

    Memento – Summit Entertainment

  • Discount Inn – The Travel Inn in Tujunga

The “Discount Inn,” where Leonard Shelby spends his days planning his revenge and attempting to keep his wits about himself despite his short-term memory. In reality, the motel is the Travel Inn, located at 7254 Foothill Blvd, Tujanga.

  • Emma’s Tattoo, where Leonard gets his “fact number six” tattoo, the license plate number “SG13 7IU”

When Leonard documents his clues on his body to avoid forgetting crucial “facts,” he stops in at Emma’s Tattoo for fact number six. Emma’s was actually Hatti-Kay Coiffures, a nail salon that’s since been closed but can be found at 8119 Foothill Blvd, Sunland-Tujunga.

  • Ferdy’s Bar, where Leonard meets Natalie and she spits in his beer to test out his short-term memory loss

Ferdy’s Bar is located at 916 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, though you’ll notice it’s not Ferdy’s, it’s The Blue Room, a popular bar in the area.

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