Chuck D & Lorrie Boula to Headline 9th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors ‘State of Music in Media’ Conference at the Los Angeles Film School

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The Conference Will Take Place on August 19 At The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood

Legendary rapper and leader of the hip hop group Public Enemy Chuck D will headline the Guild of Music Supervisors 9TH ANNUAL ‘STATE OF MUSIC IN MEDIA’ CONFERENCE alongside iconic hip hop artist Salt (Cheryl “Salt” James), of Salt-n-Pepa, as they celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop. Other notable speakers include Lorrie Boula, King Tee, Igmar Thomas, Dante Ross, Ananda Lewis, Gustavo Santaolalla, Joel C High, Frankie Pine, Julia Michels, Chris Lennertz, the music team from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, plus a surprise pop-up hip hop performance. The event will take place on Saturday, August 19th at The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, CA.

Programming highlights include:

Fight the Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World

“Fight the Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World” is an incredible narrative of struggle, triumph and resistance that will be brought to life through the lens of an art form that has chronicled the emotions, experiences, and expressions of Black and Brown communities: Hip-Hop. In the aftermath of America’s racial and political reckoning in 2020, the perspectives and stories shared in Hip-Hop are key to understanding injustice in the U.S. over the last half-century.
Panelists: Chuck D & Lorrie Boula

The Origins of Hip-Hop

Origins will deep dive into the inception of hip-hop in the early 70’s and how its unique electric sound was influenced by Jazz, Rhythm & Blues.
Moderator: John Paul McGee – Assistant Chair of Piano Department – Berklee College of Music
Amani “Burt Blackarach” Smith – Music Supervisor – Salamani Music
King Tee – American West Coast Rapper
Cheryl “SALT” James aka Salt of Salt-n-Pepa

The Golden Age of Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop’s influence on the 80’s & 90s is undeniable with socially conscious music being surfaced in tandem with some of the most iconic photography and fashion of the 21st century! Hip-Hop makes an indelible mark on the world with style, swag, and grace while concurrently illuminating often very sinister elements of being black in America.
Dante Ross – A&R/Producer/Author – Stimulated
Ananda Lewis – Mom, TV Host, Health Activist, Carpenter
Senyon Kelly – Operations Manager, Archives, Curatorial – Universal Hip Hop Museum

The Global Impact of Hip Hop: Passing the torch for the next 50 years

Fifty years later, Hip-Hop is undeniably one of the most celebrated art forms in the music industry! It has survived insurmountable hurdles like hate, ridicule & censorship. Having preserved through the gauntlet, the result has been an augmented global community that has adopted this music as part of their family, bringing with it a herculean amount of history, context, struggle & joy.
Moderator: Chris Lakey – SVP, Global Creative Synch, Kobalt Music Publishing
Panelist: Igmar Thomas – Trumpeter, Composer, Arranger, Band Leader

The Last Of Us (Part II)

Journey Of A Soundtrack From Video Game To Max Series
Scott Hanau – Score Director/Music Producer, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Phil Kovats, MPSE – Senior Director of Sound, PlayStation Studios
Craig Mazin – Showrunner, Writer (Streaming Series)
Gustavo Santaolalla – Composer (Game & Streaming Series)

Daisy Jones and The Six: Music Supervisor Frankie Pine on Preparing for Successful On-Camera Performances

An in-depth overview of a music supervisor’s role in pre-production on an on-camera intensive project, and how to set up for success in production and post-production.
Moderator: Amanda Krieg Thomas – Music Supervisor, Yay Team Inc.
Panelist: Frankie Pine – Music Supervisor, Whirly Girl Music

Reinventing The Soundtrack of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

How do you create new music for the most iconic franchise in entertainment history? For Jedi Survivor, you throw away the rule book, make some bold choices, and deliver two new soundtracks that stand proudly on their own within the classic Star Wars canon. We’ll break down the entire process – from concept and development through recording and release – with the composers and key players behind the acclaimed new Jedi Survivor score and Sounds For The Galactic Skylanes, the first-ever album of original songs from a Star Wars title.
Douglas Reilly – Vice President, Games, Lucasfilm, Ltd.
Steve Schnur – Producer, Jedi Survivor & Sounds For The Galactic Skylanes
Gordy Haab – Co-composer, Jedi Survivor
Stephen Barton – Co-composer, Jedi Survivor
Nick Laviers – Audio Director, Respawn Entertainment

The Real Deal

How to Score an Unscripted Series. A conversation with music supervisors and synch reps about how to craft memorable music moments for Reality TV on a shoestring budget.
Moderator: Adam Brodsky – Owner, Woolly Music
Joe O’Riordan – Freelance Music Supervisor
Deja Siegler – CEO / Music Supervisor, Alooma Inc
Rochelle Holguin Cappello – Senior Vice President, Creative Music Strategy at Paramount

Music for the Masses

Trends, Tropes, and Techniques for Effective Advertising Music A conversation about the power of music in advertising, exploring timeless techniques and creative approaches that make for effective campaigns.
Moderator: Jeff Kling – Founder, CCO at Das Favorite
Josh Marcy – Director of Music, Media Arts Lab
Ben Dorenfeld – Director of Music, Anomaly
Jarred Causly – Sr. Music Supervisor, Saatchi & Saatchi
Beliansh Assefa – Music Producer, Townhouse / Grey

The Music, The Paperwork, and Everything in Between: A Dialogue with Supervisors and Composers on Best Practices and Allyship Therein

This conversation will explore the important relationship between Music Supervisors and Composers. It will highlight each individual role as well as the collaborative effort that is telling stories through music, particularly in film, and discuss the best ways to take on the whole musical process as a unified team.
Moderator: Sami Posner, Music Supervisor, Blue Lily and Creative Control
Chris Lennertz – Composer
Dara Taylor – Composer
Julia Michels – Music Supervisor, Format Entertainment
Joel C. High – Music Supervisor, Creative Control

Music Clearance 101

The basics of music clearance and licensing are explained in an easy to understand and practical way for anyone interested in doing the job right!
Panelist: Linda Osher – President, LJO Music Consulting

Music Clearance 201

Advanced Topics and Strategies in Music Clearance.
Matt Lilley – President, MCL Music Services, Inc.
Karen Falzone – Owner, Mostly Music
Moderator: Lindsay Wolfington – Music Supervisor, Lone Wolf Music Supervision


As part of the 9th Annual GMS Conference we’re offering a 15 minute 1-on-1 session for aspiring music supervisors to meet successful people working in the field of music supervision. This opportunity is open to aspiring music supervisors only.
NOTE: These are not music pitching sessions. Music pitching is not allowed at this event.

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Members of the Guild of Music Supervisors and Friends of the Guild will receive a discount on their ticket purchase. Tickets are available to the public at full price and come with a complimentary 1-Year subscription as a “Friend of the Guild” to learn about all the benefits the organization offers. Students and Military personnel will receive a discount to attend as well.
To purchase tickets to attend the conference, please visit our ticketing page here.
The event is brought to you in collaboration with The Los Angeles Film School.

The Guild of Music Supervisors Conference grants participants the opportunity to network with some of industry’s top leaders, plus attend a variety of informative panels on subjects covering music in film, television, advertising, documentaries, games, trailers and more. Past conference participants include Issa Rae, Jewel, Daniel Lanois, Hildur Guðnadóttir, and more.

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