#LAFSTURNS20 Alumni Spotlight—Darryl Tarver

For our 20th-anniversary spotlight series, #LAFSTURNS20, we’re shining the spotlight on Digital Filmmaking Online alumnus, Darryl Tarver.

We interviewed Darryl Tarver to find out about his online film student experience. Darryl says the key to making the online class experience a productive one is to network with as many students in your cohort as possible. This helps online students to stay motivated during the program by connecting with their classmates, teachers and community. Since Darryl lives in Reno, Nevada, he made an effort to drive from home to Hollywood whenever there was an on-campus networking event. Hear the rest of Darryl’s journey and his dedication to filmmaking by watching his #LAFSTURNS20 interview.

“Where can your imagination take you?” – Darryl Tarver

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