Four International Filmmakers from
The Los Angeles Film School

Our international alumni network continues to expand across the globe. From Hollywood to Bollywood, our international community is thriving in the entertainment industry. Many of our current international students have made Los Angeles their new home while studying entertainment arts. As these students learn the craft and soak up as much of the industry possible, we’re here to share a few international alumni who are doing amazing things as filmmakers!

LAFS in New Zealand

Helen Wu

LAFS Alumna Helen Wu PAed on Disney’s new live-action movie, Mulan, set to release in 2020. The production wrapped last year, but the official Mulan trailer is out now. Helen lives in North Shore, New Zealand, and works in the independent film scene there.

See Helen’s credits on IMDb

LAFS in Vietnam

Duong Le Quy

Duong Le Quy (Right) with Deputy Prime Minister, Vu Duc Dam (Left)

Over the summer, Legacy Alumnus Duong Le Quy (2004), was named the director of the newly established Vietnam Film Development Promotion Association. At the dedication ceremony, Duong met with Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam along with other aspiring filmmakers in Vietnam.

LAFS in India

Kartik Vijay

This year, Film Alumnus Kartik Vijay (2003) was nominated for India’s FilmFare Award for Best Cinematography for his work on the feature, Manto. The FilmFare Awards are considered by many to be the “Academy Awards” of Bollywood. Manto had seven nominations and one win. Kartik has also worked on many other top-rated Indian features including Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, Kaminey, and Sivaji. He recently completed the shooting the film, The Garden of Evening Mists, and is in pre-production on My Name is Andre, a documentary on the life of feminist, Andrea Dworkin.

See Kartik’s credits on IMDb.

LAFS in Seoul, South Korea

Zoey Yun

kommando 1944 Trailer from Derek Quick on Vimeo.

Jee “Zoey” Yun is an Online Music Production graduate living in LA who recently provided background vocals on one of the tracks for the soundtrack of the short film Kommando 1944. The film is about an Asian-American soldier who is thrown into a Nazi camp during WWII. The film has racked up award after award on the festival circuit – 165 awards won and counting, including an award for Best Song at the Los Angeles Film Awards (the track that Zoey performed on).

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