Best Gifts for Film Students According to a Film Graduate

Best gifts for film students

Here’s the scoop on what you should buy for film students this holiday season.

When film graduate Marc Peoples released his gift guide “The Most Gifty Time of The Year (Christmas Gifts for The Whole Family),” we knew he was the perfect person to reach out to for our own film student gift guide. As a former film student himself, Marc Peoples graduated Cum Laude in Film and now works as an executive assistant and writer for Harlem World Magazine. This list is curated with the film enthusiast in mind. All items are priced under $100 and have the film graduate seal of approval.

“Hello there, film students. It’s Marc Peoples, a 2020 graduate of the film program. I hope all of you are having a great time at one of the top film schools in our country. As an alumnus, I wanted to assist in making a gift guide this holiday season to help you achieve your goals in film and writing. They’re all in a reasonable price range, so you won’t need to ask your family members for something expensive. Happy holidays and good luck on your journey at The L.A. Film School! Also, to the students who have served, Thank you for your service.”

Gift Guide Under $150 for Film Students


$79.95 V200C Vault Equipment Case


$99.99 Final Draft 12 Educational


$109 Timebirds Original


$9.99 Writer Emergency Pack


$24.95 Classic Notebook


$15 Monthly Masterclass Subscription


$11.99 Storyboard Notebook


$17.99 Director Baseball Hat


$74.99 Photo Camera Backpack


$12.69 Save The Cat by Blake Snyder

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