Gift Ideas for the Music Lover in Your Life

Gift Guide for Music Lovers

Need a last-minute gift for someone who loves music?

We’ve got you covered.

We know our L.A. Recording School students and alumni are a passionate group who love the recording industry. When it comes time for holiday gift-giving, here are gift ideas for your best friend who always introduces you to new music, your cousin who loves making beats and your sister who shops at record stores.


For the person who always finds an object to drum


For your best friend who loves an impromptu jam session


For the person who just wants a gift card to their favorite record shop


For all the musicians, sound engineers, producers and music teachers in your life


For the old-school audiophile who enjoys a good cup of coffee


For the guitar player who is also an iPhone user


For the practical person who needs a microphone cable adapter


For the person who enjoys vinyl more than their Spotify


For the loved one you want to give a little something extra to


For the music lovers who also love playing cards