Six of our grads have worked on five Oscar-Nominated films this year, continuing a tradition of success

What a great year! Our alumni have worked on dozens of feature films and television series over this past year, and six of our grads worked on five Oscar-Nominated films. Congratulations!

Oscar-Nominated star-wars-force-awakens-official-poster

Ariana Miller

Program: Computer Animation, 2012

Nominated film: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Nominated film: Mad Max: Fury Road
Nominated film: The Martian
Credit: Stereoscopic Compositor

Oscar-Nominated Mad-Max-Fury-Road

Derek Hultquist

Program: Computer Animation, 2013

Nominated film: Mad Max: Fury Road
Credit: Depth Artist

Oscar-Nominated Anomolisa

Mark Farney

Program: Film, 2009

Nominated film: Anomolisa
Credit: Camera & Electrical Department

Oscar-Nominated Anomolisa

Nicola Pizzi

Program:Film, 2009

Nominated film:Anomolisa
Credit:Camera & Electrical Department

Oscar-Nominated Anomolisa

Trevor McGuar

Nominated film: Anomolisa
Credit: Rotoscope Artist

Oscar-Nominated 45years_uk-dvd

Andrew Haig

Program: Film, 2004

Nominated film: 45 Years
Credit: Director/Writer

We are so proud of each of our grads for their work on Oscar-Nominated films over this past year. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest industry and campus news, including interviews with our graduates, how-to videos and more.
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