Film graduate Eric Won has worked as an editor on several short films, and is the director of the online series, The Division.

Eric Won is a Film grad who has has been very busy since graduating in 2006. Since leaving school, he has worked as an editor on short films including Chameleon, Millennium: Eternal Sunrise and Sweet Madness. His most recent accomplishment is working as Director on the series, The Division. In this video, you’ll learn about what inspired Eric to work his way into editing and directing, and how he has applied his education in exciting ways professionally.

Eric Won

The Division, directed by Eric Won

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THE DIVISION tells the story of Nick Trever (Andrew Bowen), who fights for his family against a mysterious organization called The Division. Written, directed and produced by Eric Won, The Division is an action packed, edge of your seat thriller.
Shot on various locations in and around Los Angeles, THE DIVISION is led by a cast Andrew Bowen (Rock Jocks, Magic City, Along the Way, Butterfly Dreaming, Conjurer, MadTV) as Nick Trever, Jessica Tomé (The Ropes, All My Children, General Hospital, The Forgotten) as Chloe, Kevin McCorkle (The Amazing Spiderman, The Young and the Restless, Beyond the Mat) as Senator Raymond Stanfield, Thomas Blankenship (Illegal, Easy Rider: The Ride Back) as John McFadden, Ivana Shein as Michelle Trever and Tarik Ellinger as Jeremy Trever. More cast will join the show in future episodes.
The creative team includes Director of Photography Ray Huang, Stunt Team led by Michael “Pugita” Kobayashi (M:I 3, Flags of our Fathers), Technical Advisor Daminh Tran, Sound Designer Ben Lazarus and Composer Gad Emile Zeitune to name a few.
THE DIVISION will be in total 10 episodes and we’re currently seeking partners and investors to complete the series. If you’re interested, please contact us. Audience can also support the show by making donations on the PARTICIPATE menu. Your contributions will be used to create the best show possible. We hope you enjoy THE DIVISION.

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