LA Film School campus

Get A Head Start On The Path To College

If you’re in high school, college might seem like a problem for next year’s version of you. However, many students miss out on the opportunity to sow the seeds of a swift and successful college experience. Getting a head start on college in your high school years will not only help you secure your place in the college of your choice but also unlock numerous opportunities for the future you.

First, you can take AP classes or select community college classes to complete your general education requirements. Getting these requirements out of the way will put you on the fast track to non-general education classes when you get to college. This means you’ll get to spend more of your time post high school pursuing what you’re most passionate about. Note that not all pre-college courses transfer.

Additionally, these pre-college credits will help you get into the rhythm and mindset of the college student. Even if you’re only taking one or two college-level courses in high school, this will better prepare you for the rigors of higher education. For some, the transition from high school to college can be a hard dose of reality, while for others a challenge worthy of their developing skills. The difference between them is the number of AP or community college classes they have under their belt that has allowed them to experience the level of commitment needed for higher education.

Secondly, you can get firsthand experience of what your future school will be like. The Los Angeles Film School offers daily campus tours and monthly All-Access tours. It’s the opportunity to escape a small playground to get a sense and feeling of what it would be like in the big world. Instead of being the rosy-eyed freshman, the driven creator will walk onto the school grounds as if he/she was a veteran, with a strong sense of purpose and confidence.

Furthermore, starting college early can lead you to being able to get your degree faster, therefore saving you precious money and time. The entertainment industry can be a chaotic typhoon and you never know when a crucial opportunity will rise above the waves. The faster you’re able to assemble your portfolio and dive in, the more you’ll be ahead of your peers. While it might be more work in the short term, you’ll be able to pursue your creative vision and artistic endeavors more rigorously in the long term.

You could be like the average high schooler and auto-pilot your last couple years of mandated education. Or you can rise above the rest and take advantages of the opportunities in front of you to prepare yourself and get ahead. The time is right for those who have the dedication and foresight to see beyond the confines of their high school gates and grab the collegiate glory available to them. Your future self will thank you for it.