“The whole of life is just like watching a film. Only it’s as though you always get in ten minutes after the big picture has started, and no-one will tell you the plot, so you have to work it out all yourself from the clues.”
― Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures

Every story worth telling begins with an inciting incident, a moment of change that will challenge the protagonist’s view of himself/herself and the world. You are in the process of bringing life to a new version of yourself, The Los Angeles Film School Student, the budding new creator, the aspiring Hollywood shaker. Nonetheless, storyteller, do not let the obstacles and the pressures of success ahead overwhelm you, instead prepare yourself. Here are some key notes to include in the story arc of your upcoming chapter.

Act 1: The Move

As you begin “adulting,” it’s of utmost importance to keep a keen eye on your budget. This should include things like rent, groceries, transportation, etc. Here are some ways to minimize the costs so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Live with Roommates

Luckily, you’re not alone when it comes to chasing your dream in Hollywood. It’s quite easy to find a suitable roommate through friends of friends, social media, or other online platforms. Additionally, The Los Angeles Film School has a housing department ready to help all enrolled and active students find a suitable roommate. College roommates often become your first and closest friends, helping you start a whole new chapter of memories.

Be Selective of your Neighborhood
Los Angeles is vast and has a seemingly never ending pockets of neighborhoods and people. It should be obvious that you would save money by avoiding apartments in Beverly Hills, but there’s also locations like Studio City or North Hollywood that are quite reasonable if you have a dependable mode of transportation. Check out the LAFS Housing Guide for more information.

Act 2: Getting Settled

Once you’re all moved in and you have your set stores and eateries it’ll be time for you to dive into the culture of Los Angeles. Hollywood is a bustle of activity and there’s always a ton going on.

Local Events
Whether it’s a ramen fest, Hayao Miyazaki pop up store, or free movie screening there’s almost always something to do. Facebook has a thorough event list of things happening near you or that your friends are checking out. Additionally, LA Weekly is a cool resource of events to check out . On weekdays, it’s not uncommon for a representative to be outside a movie theater giving away free tickets to an upcoming movie test screening. Plus LAFS students have access to free screenings held in our very own theatre right here on campus. Check out the events calendar here. This is a great way to see a vital step in the process of a movie release. Remember, as a student of LAFS, part of your curriculum is participating in the enriching experiences of the city life.

Places to Go
There are definitely places you should check out to assume the right to be an LA native. Get tickets to see a show at the Pantages, attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, and take the time to experience a Dodger game. Even if you’re not new to Los Angeles, these are things that are sometimes overlooked even by the more experienced LA explorer. See for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Be Mindful of your food budget
Los Angeles is filled with an insane variety of different kinds of food and it’s easy to get carried away eating at fine establishments or making convenient grocery trips. By all means, eat your fill of Hollywood’s diverse cuisine, but be sure to keep a close eye on your food budget. Find a $0.60 taco stand for authentic LA Mexican cuisine and don’t be afraid to check out your nearest Food4Less for inexpensive groceries and gas.

Act 3: Make your Mark

Last but most importantly, remember that to use your experiences and contacts as fuel for your creative passion. Being in the center of the industry, there are countless opportunities to gather resources to make your dreams into reality. You’ll be making invaluable contacts with your classmates, and by socializing around town, people who will often become your partners in production. Additionally, be sure to check out these resources.

Equipment Rentals

Creation takes equipment and it takes time and money to build up your materials. Fortunately, students can check out equipment from the LAFS Equipment Room, free of charge!, There are also plenty of places where you can easily rent the equipment you need without breaking the bank. Be sure to check out the following sites and places:

Book Studios

Additionally, as a LAFS student, you have special access to a variety of studios on campus that you can schedule time in. These studios include:
○ Recording Studios
○ SSL Duality Studio
○ NEVE VR36 Studio
○ SSL XL 9000K Studio
○ Digital Console Suites
○ Foley / ADR suites
○ Icon Studios
○ Neve VR60 Studio
○ Theaters
○ Main Theatre
○ Ivar Theatre
○ Private Screening Room
○ Soundstages
○ LAFS sunset
○ Midterm Production Spaces
○ Dubbing Stage

Click here for more information on what you have available to you.

Now it’s time for your grand entrance into Hollywood Living. Cross all your T’s, dot the I’s, and check out the housing checklist for anything you might’ve forgotten.

Be spectacular!

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