Higher Education Review: Top International Schools

International Film School

The Los Angeles Film School Welcomes Students from Across the World

The United States is a destination for students both young and old who come here from around the world seeking higher education. Not only is the U.S. a great place for cross-cultural learning, there is also an abundance of university-level entertainment programs. Our school is a premier entertainment arts college in Hollywood that accepts international students. The Los Angeles Film School international student population is growing and includes students from countries like France, China and India. In fact, Higher Education Review named The L.A. Film School as one of the Top 10 Universities in the U.S. for Indian Students in 2020. The ranking is based on the quality, expertise and facilities of the educational institution and then rated by a panel of intellectual experts.

“Reviewed and scrutinized by the intellectual individuals of this specific field, the educational institutes mentioned in this list deliver exceptional education along with outstanding infrastructure, top-notch mentoring facilities, and placement opportunities.” – Higher Education Review

We are honored to be ranked in the Higher Education Review list this year. Our school continues to bridge the gap between the entertainment industry and academia for students and alumni. To find out more information about our international program at The Los Angeles Film School, go here.