Start Your Journey in Entertainment. Earn Your Media Communications Degree.

Great news! We are developing even more ways to support students and prepare them for the entertainment industry. Starting this month, The Los Angeles Film School launched a new program for students interested in all things digital media. Our Media Communications Degree Program will focus on video and audio distribution, digital marketing and public relations strategies as well as branding.

As a new entrepreneur, you’ll need to master how to develop a strong, authentic brand for each of your projects to help sell or distribute them. Having a strong brand creates awareness, recognition and trust, which converts into sales as the audience is more likely to purchase film and music merchandise to remind them of that enjoyable branded experience.

We all know a strong, successful movie franchise when we see one – like Star Wars, Harry Potter or Indiana Jones.

Tips for Building a Stronger Brand Through Media Communication

When thinking about developing your brand, focus on the identity of the project. Creating a list of adjectives, feelings and even colors that describe your brand will help keep focus as you design and build out its digital presence.

Now that you have an idea of what your brand is, whether it be futuristic, edgy, quirky or playful, you’ll need to know how to create a unique logo, website and social media platforms. Together, these are the digital face of the brand.

There are several ways to create your logo, from using services on website design platforms such as Wix logo maker, to hiring freelance designers, to working with design agencies. Think about what feeling you’d like your logo to convey, referring back to the list of adjectives and feelings you’ve created. Be sure to include this logo on your website and social channels to encourage recognition.

On your website, take the time to include an ‘About Us’ page to increase trust. Your audience will automatically feel more connected to your brand once they know who is behind it. When designing the aesthetic of your site, continually reference the list of adjectives and feelings that you created. This will dictate everything from the color palette to the type and size of font used.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Company’s Online Platforms

Now that you’ve built your branded site, it’s time to focus on directing traffic to it. Remember, just because you’ve built a website does not mean it will be seen—you need to intentionally direct people to it. Building a website heavy in keywords helps bump it to the top of search engine results, so be sure to use alt text, metadata alongside SEO (search engine optimization) when designing your website. You’ll undoubtedly strategize various ways to get eyes on your site, but using keywords and metadata is an easy way to have your site do a lot of work for you.

Driving traffic to your branded site goes hand in hand with connecting with your audience.

Who is your audience? Where are they? What do they do for fun? Working on collaborations or sponsorships with brands that are already in front of your audience can be a great way to introduce your brand and have it associated with a trusted source. Reddit can be a useful tool, as it offers direct access to niche-specific traffic which can capture a uniquely enthusiastic audience.

Interested in mastering brand development and digital marketing? Our Media Communications Degree Program provides students with the tools and tangible strategies to catapult their creative projects into success.

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