2018 ramps up to be another year of remarkable achievements by our grads!

We are proud to announce that alumni from The Los Angeles Film School worked on several films that are nominated for Oscars this year! Our graduates are working on films, television series and albums all across the entertainment field, with this year being no exception. This year’s Oscars marks the success of Film graduate Brandon Trost, who worked on the Oscar-nominated film, The Disaster Artist as Director of Photography. Trost previously worked on such films as The Interview, Pop Star: Never Stop Stopping and Diary of a Teenage Girl, and continues to be one of the most in-demand cinematographers working today.

Check out our interview with Brandon below

We would like to warmly congratulate Katie Byron (Film) for her work as Concept and Preproduction Designer on Get Out!. Directed by previous campus guest Jordan Peele, the film is centered around a classic tale of a boyfriend meeting his girlfriend’s parents, yet takes so many twists and turns, it ends up being a classic film that should not be missed. Katie has led an impressive career, and previously worked on Documentary Now!, The Final Girls and In addition, we would like to congratulate Noah Mucci (Film, 2007) for his work on the film, Icarus. The documentary, directed by Bryan Fuller, is centered around the science and scandals behind doping in sports. Noah previously worked on Ghosts and Sucker.

This article will remain updated as we discover additional grads who worked on Oscar-Nominated titles this year.

Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist

Nominated for Best Screenplay

Brandon Trost
Program: Film, 2000
Director of Photography

Get Out

Get Out!

Nominated for four Oscars, including Best Picture

Katie Byron
Program: Film
Concept and Preproduction Design (uncredited)



Nominated for Best Documentary

Noah Mucci
Program: Film, 2007
Camera Operator / Additional Editor

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