Meet the Emmy-Nominated Dialogue Editor Behind What We Do in the Shadows

Spotlight on Recording Alum Angelina Faulkner

Angelina Faulkner is the type of surgeon you won’t find in a hospital. On any given day, Angelina is glued to her editing desk working in Pro Tools. Angelina’s job in the post-production pipeline is to surgically remove background noises that compete or distract from the dialogue audio. She uses Pro Tools to snip everything from crickets and bird chirps to mic pops. To an untrained ear, those pesky background noises might not be noticeable. As a dialogue editor, Angelina is trained to listen for any subtle interruptions and ensure the audio matches the visual action on the screen.

Building a Career in Post-Production Sound and Dialogue Editing

It may come as a surprise that Angelina started in music at The Los Angeles Recording School, a division of The L.A. Film School. After taking an intro to film class, Angelina discovered that she could work on movies in the sound department. She fell in love with audio and studying film while in school. There she learned from the industry’s experts, past and present, and earned an Associate of Science Degree in Recording Arts as a Salutatorian. Angelina then became certified in AVID Pro Tools as well as earning a spot in the National Honor Society for Film and Television. The Career Development Department helped Angelina land her first gig working on a project for Universal at Benchmark Post. The rest, they say, is history.

As a two-time Emmy-nominated dialogue editor, Angelina keeps adding more impressive show credits to her filmography. She’s worked on movie trailers and popular TV shows, including the Jurassic World trailer and the Emmy-nominated FX series What We Do in the Shadows. Coincidentally, Kyle Newacheck (2019 Spotlight Academy member) directed several episodes for Season 2 of What We Do in the Shadows. Both Kyle and Angelina share a love of creating within their respective disciplines and are fellow alumni. It’s not uncommon to work on a major production with a fellow L.A. Film School alumnus, either.

Alumni Relations director Joe Byron chats with Angelina about starting her journey into post-production dialogue editing.

Welcoming Angelina Faulkner to The Spotlight Academy

Angelina Faulkner 2021 Spotlight Awards Member

Want to follow along Angelina’s journey? Watch the Spotlight Awards on Thursday, September 2, 2021, to see Angelina Faulkner get inducted into The Los Angeles Film School Spotlight Academy!