We had the opportunity to sit down with Recording Arts graduate Carles Abraham and discuss his experience working in the industry.

What sparked your interest in the entertainment industry?

I have always been drawn to music since I was a small child in my grandfather’s baptist church in Little Rock, Arkansas. As I grew older and was exposed to other genres of music, it became evident what my calling was.  However, when I was introduced to the Los Angeles Recording School it blew my mind and it became imperative that I enroll immediately.

What brought you to the Los Angeles Film School?

 I wanted to delve into the technical side of the industry; recording, editing, mixing, etc.

What were some challenges that you ran into?

Due to my tedious school teaching schedule there was little time left in the day to do anything creatively. I decided to put my teaching career on hold in order to follow my calling. I also had to commute from the Inland Empire to attend classes from 8am until 8pm on a daily basis.

What inspired you to keep going when those challenges rose?

Something in my being pushed me to fear nothing. You have only one shot at this life so why ride the merry go round when you can ride the roller coaster.

What are your past and current projects of work since graduating? What Project are you most proud of?

Since graduating I’ve embarked upon a few projects such as Heart “Night at Sky Church” Live DVD, Doobie Brother’s Live DVD as well as a number of my own projects. I am very proud of my latest project, LOOKS LIKE JANE. Jane is a collaboration between myself and a female vocalist, Lisa Michelle Donovan. The production, lyrics, arrangements and music have all been created in house between the two of us. The vibe that we share when creating is undeniable.

What advice would you give to our current students?

Just keep going after what you want and don’t think twice about anything. As James Brown said, “You have to stay ready to be ready”.

The EP can be found on YouTube; Looks Like Jane “Self Titled” EP
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