Spotlight Academy Damian Szeibert


Meet Damian Szeibert, Our 2020

Spotlight Academy Member

If you’ve ever seen a Disney character collectible, you are likely looking at Damian Szeibert’s work. Damian works as a 3D modeler and has contributed to many of the beloved Disney collectible items. You may have even seen one of the signed Moana figurine sets in the front lobby at The Los Angeles Film School.

Damian has devoted his career to bring characters from the silver screen into the homes of Disney and Pixar fans everywhere. With more than 20 years of experience in graphic design, 3D modeling and sculpting, it is our honor to introduce Damian Szeibert as our 2020 Spotlight Academy inductee.

A native of Southern California, Damian Szeibert grew up around the art world and became interested in fine arts and visual effects at a young age. Damian’s grandmother ran a local art shop where he spent his time observing oil paintings and fine art. As a teenager, Damian got more into graphic design and illustrations. Slowly his creative interests morphed into something bigger, and he pursued the Animation Program at The Los Angeles Film School. This was a turning point for Damian’s animation career. While in school, Damian gravitated toward the Pixologic ZBrush to enhance his innate illustration skills. This passion for creating characters is what ultimately led him to 3D modeling and sculpting.

A sneak peek of our Spotlight interview with Damian:

Once Damian graduated from the Animation Program, he created opportunities for himself by freelancing. He later joined The L.A. Film School as an animation instructor. Damian credits his lifelong mentors for steering him toward a career path as a 3D Modeler. The other important piece to solving any career puzzle is surrounding yourself with images that interest you, says Damian. He plots characters on virtual mood boards and collects these images to spark inspiration in his own work. Every character takes on its own personality, explains Damian. The process takes a long time to create, but the end results are the iconic figurines that collectors and fans savor forever.

3 Questions for Damian Szeibert

What are your favorite characters you’ve created over the years?

I don’t have a favorite. There’s a romance with every piece of artwork. Each project and character has aspects that I fall in love with.

What is your favorite part of working in the industry?

Having a relationship with the audience and storytelling. Also, collaborating with other artists. It’s a chorus of voices. Everyone is sharpening everyone’s talents.

If there was one lesson you took from your time at The L.A. Film School, what would it be?

You have to make the most out of every opportunity. Your time is precious.