Tech N9ne talks overcoming obstacles, staying true to himself, thoughts on Kendrick and more with DJ SKEE.

0:34 // Collaborating with Eminem on “Speedom”.
2:55 // Where he envisioned himself and Eminem in the future.
5:00 // His career evolving even more now.
5:52 // New album featuring every genre.
7:00 // Features on the album.
7:46 // When he first met Lil’ Wayne.
9:00 // Staying true to himself.
9:21 // Thoughts on Kendrick’s album.
11:12 // Having his on show on DASH.
12:01 // The downside of being successful.
13:58 // Why he became sober & almost dying from an overdose.
14:50 // Advice for overcoming personal obstacles.
15:54 // Mother’s last wishes.
17:45 // What the scrubs he wears symbolizes.

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