Entertainment is who we are, education is what we do.

The Los Angeles Film School is proud to be an integral part of the entertainment industry for the past 20 years.


August 31 – September 3, 2020

We celebrate our academic legacy with our FAME WEEK celebration each year. This week-long festival brings students, alumni, faculty and staff together for activities, industry guest panels and our all-star alumni awards night. Every year the Spotlight Awards ceremony inaugurates a new class into The Los Angeles Spotlight Academy on the final day of FAME WEEK.

We are proud to announce Henrique Andrade, Martin Pensa, Osmany Rodriguez, Jessica Sterling and Damian Sziebert as our Spotlight Academy Class of 2020.

The Spotlight Academy

We pride ourselves on our distinguished alumni who continue to move the entertainment industry forward. The Spotlight Academy honors these esteemed individuals and their LAFS legacy.

Our Mission

The Spotlight Academy celebrates graduates who have not only acquired notable achievements within the entertainment industries but have also served as an inspiration to the school’s community of students, alumni faculty and staff. By recognizing our graduates who have applied their education to their profession, maintained a devotion to their craft, all while giving back to the next generation of students, the school’s legacy will prevail.

Spotlight Awards

FAME WEEK will culminate with the Spotlight Awards Ceremony on Thursday, September 3, 2020. The new class of distinguished alumni will be inducted into the 2020 Spotlight Academy Class.

The 2019 Spotlight Academy Class

Andrés F. Borda Zabala (Recording Arts 2011), Hannah Lux Davis (Film 2006), Kyle Newacheck (Film 2004), Brandon Trost (Film 2000), and Jordan Wilby (Recording Arts 2004).

Are you interested in being a sponsor for FAME Week? We’d love to hear from you. Please email us at eventstaff@lafilm.edu, and let us know how you’d like to be part of our school community. Thank you to all our previous sponsors for making FAME Week a success!

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