jordan wilby
21 Sep 2020

Jordan Wilby Wins an Emmy for The Watchmen

  Jordan Wilby (Recording Arts 2004) takes home his third Emmy win in the Sound Effects Editing Category. It’s no surprise that Jordan Wilby was recognized for his sound effects editing work on HBO’s The Watchmen at this year’s Live Emmy ceremony. As a member of the award-winning Technicolor team,

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LA Film School
02 Sep 2020

Five Things Filmmakers Can Offer Entrepreneurs

Filmmakers’ Advice to Business Entrepreneurs As “normal” life has drastically changed in 2020, many people are discovering new ways to make a living. If you’re a recent college graduate looking to start a new business venture, we think you can learn a thing or two from filmmakers. To help you

30 Aug 2020

Get the Scoop on the 2020 MTV VMAs

What Will The MTV VMAs Be Like This Year? The 2020 MTV Music Awards will be held, as is tradition, in New York City this year. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on June 29 that Brooklyn will be hosting the MTV VMAs on Sunday, August 30, at the Barclays Center.  The

Beyonce Black is King
25 Aug 2020

Top 6 Albums of the Year (So Far)

We Asked Your Top Albums of 2020: Here Are Your Picks! We know it’s only August, but the top albums downloaded and listened to makes it pretty clear what we’re craving in 2020. Here’s a look at the top six albums so far this year that you picked from our

LA Film School Film programs
24 Aug 2020

Affordable Film Schools According to The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter Recognizes The L.A. Film School in its Annual Film School List for the Fourth Year in a Row. We’re honored and humbled that The Hollywood Reporter has recognized The Los Angeles Film School in its latest film school rankings lists. Higher education institutions have faced many obstacles

18 Aug 2020

5 Films Shot with a Smartphone

  Filmmakers Who Opted to use a Smartphone Camera to Shoot Their Films While it’s nice to have access to state-of-the-art equipment and specialty lenses, some filmmakers are choosing to take their skills and apply them to the camera in their pocket. That’s right. We’re talking about shooting movies on

13 Aug 2020

We’ve Got Big Event News…

  FAME WEEK Festin’ Welcome to our second annual FAME WEEK! This year we’re going all out in a virtual setting. Join us for a festival that brings students, alumni, faculty and staff together for activities, industry guest panels and our all-star alumni awards night. From our home to yours,