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5 Films Shot with a Smartphone

Filmmakers Who Opted to use a Smartphone to Shoot Their Films While it’s nice to have access to state-of-the-art equipment and specialty lenses, some filmmakers are choosing to take their skills and apply them to the camera in their…
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Inside Look: Cinematography

What Does a Cinematographer Do? When it comes to movies, visual storytelling is the most important part. Why do people go to movies anyway? Essentially, we go to see and hear something beautiful. Without cinematographers, there is…
Truman Show

Movie Terminology Our Instagram Followers Are Curious About

Industry Insider: Movie Terminology Movie terminology is inside baseball for most filmmakers and crews. As a film student, you should know basic movie terms even if they aren’t widely used on set. When we asked our  L.A. Film School…
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Insight From a Film Production Alum

Alumni Spotlight—Craig Henderson For our 20th-anniversary spotlight series, we're shining the spotlight on Film Production alum, Craig Henderson. Craig wanted to learn how to write scripts from a young age. He eventually enrolled…
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The Process Productions Seeks Interns

Get industry experience at a studio with this new internship opportunity! Would you like a screen credit in my documentary film to also be posted on IMDB? 
We are locking picture credits this week. If you are right for one or all of the…