09 Jun 2017

The Importance of Sound

Is sound really just as important as video quality when producing films and games? Poor sound can ruin an otherwise spectacular production. Understanding the importance of quality sounds in movies, games and songs is a crucial part of understanding what it means to be a successful – and memorable –

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20 May 2016

Live Audio Internship Opportunity

Want to gain experience working in live sound production? Check this out! Live Audio Internship Swing House audio/video facility specializing in live sound & production. Divisions include, stages, recording, rentals, event production, artist relations and management. It has been a part of the Los Angeles music industry for over 20

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13 May 2015

Recording Grad Derrell Davis discusses working in the industry

We sat down with Recording Arts graduate Derrell Davis to discuss what he loves about working in the industry. What inspired you want to get involved in the entertainment industry? “Growing up a skateboarder i was introduced to all types of music form all different genres.  I was always fascinated

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