Distinguished Alumni

Join the ever-growing list alumni who are making their mark in music and entertainment.

Graduation is just the beginning—when the classes end, the real work begins. The legacies our alumni leave behind inspire future generations of students to pave their own path to success in the entertainment industry. Here are just some of the esteemed alumni who’ve worked on award-winning productions in film, TV, music, animation and countless other notable projects.

Meet some of the Los Angeles Film School Alumni who are currently thriving in their chosen fields.

Christopher Federici

Christopher Federici

Federici has found success as a game developer, beginning as a technical coordinator with Riot Games in 2013, and quickly becoming an associate development manager.

Ariana Georgescu

Ariana has worked on blockbuster hits like Mad Max: Fury Road, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Godzilla (2014).

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